Sunday, January 1, 2012

December - Part 1

We spent a huge part of December doing lots of family things that included preparing for the holiday season.  It was so awesome this year with both girls having a better understanding of Christmas, Santa and of course, baby Jesus. 

I don't want to forget any of this so here is part 1 of the highlights of the month, for your viewing pleasure:

Breakfast With Santa

Every year, Maria's school puts together a cute little breakfast filled with games, crafts, a book fair and the Big Man, himself.  We love this party because the kids can see Santa, we can take as many pictures as we want and we don't have to wait in any lines at the mall.

St. Nick's Day

On December 5th, the girls make sure to have their stockings out so St. Nick can fill them with goodies.  The next morning, they get a little pre-quel to what Christmas will be like.  St. Nick always brings them Christmas pajamas to wear on Christmas and this year he filled their stockings with some Littlest Pet Shop Pets, and of course, gelt. (which is what we call chocolate candy)

Gerry's Work Party

I love this party because I don't get this dressed up very often.  Check out Gerry's snowflake tie that matches my dress! Fancy...I know!

Life Link Christmas Party

One of my favorite things about our church is their organization and promotion of Life Link small groups.  This year, our group had a Christmas party where the kids decorated cookies, we ate tons of food and exchanged white elephant gifts.  There were a lot of laughs and everyone had a great time!

Naomi sampling her creations.

Maria's cookies

Naomi's cookies

Maria worked very hard on her cookies!

Gerry got a cool musical tie and I got a head lamp!

Stay tuned for part 2 of our December highlights!

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