Monday, August 3, 2009

Our Weekend 7-31-09

This weekend was pretty eventful! It started off on a Thursday for us when Gerry and I went to the Cardinal's game using tickets Gerry got from work. I was excited to have my first night out without the kids since before Naomi was born and this was my first Card's game all year. My mom came over to watch the girls, which was great because that meant we didn't have to pick them up after the game. We had a lot of fun. Our seats were great- we sat in a box with all you could eat and drink! The game went into extra innings and unfortunately, the Card's lost.

Friday, Maria had her 2 year check up. Maria knew something was going on because she began acting really weird when we got there. She's used to going there for Naomi, but she was very suspicious when the doctor started examining her. She didn't like it one bit. She was swatting the doctor's hands away when she tried to listen to her heart, and she wouldn't cooperate at all when she tried to look in her ears and mouth. Overall, the doc said everything looks good. Maria weighs 25 pounds, which still only puts her in the 25th percentile. But that's been consistent ever since she was born. She was being too much of a stinker to get an accurate height measurement, but she measured approximately 34 inches. Maria also had to get 2 shots that day. It was harder on me than it was on her. She cried for a few minutes, but then was excited about her band-aids.

Saturday -- I got to sleep in!!!! I was so excited that Gerry was kind enough to get up with both of the girls and let me sleep! I felt great and extremely well rested! When I woke up, both of them had already been fed and Naomi was already sleeping again. What a great husband and dad Gerry is!

Saturday night, Gerry and I had our second night out. We went to our good friend Bryan's 30th birthday party at the Sports Zone. We thought we would divide up the girls this time to make it easier on the grandparents. My mom came over to watch Naomi and Gerry took Maria down to his parent's house. We had a great time at the party! It was really nice catching up with people and hanging out with other adults for a while!

Sunday evening we all went over to my mom's house for dinner and to meet Uncle Marc and John's new dog- Gryphon. They got him a few weeks ago. He is a Jack Russell/Maltese mix and he is so cute! Maria loved him. They ran around together in the backyard and Maria just laughed and laughed! It was funny.

Here are some pictures from our eventful weekend! There are also some other random pics in the slideshow of Naomi sitting up in her Bumbo, and playing in the new baby Gymini activity mat that we got for her last weekend.

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